Technical Carbon Plant

ZTV – products

1. All types of carbon brushes for electric motors :

  • Copper-graphite brushes
  • Carbon-graphite brushes
  • Silver-graphite brushes
  • Electro-graphite brushes

The above-mentioned types of el.brushes find application in electric rotating direct alternating current machines, electric lorries’ engines, automobile starters and generators, manual instruments, electric home appliances, etc.
The factory produces also brushes with strictly defined characteristics, when specified the required size of the brush and the type of material to be used.

2. All kinds of contacts of the following contact materials:

  • Silver-cadmium oxide
  • Silver-copper oxide
  • Silver-nickel
  • Silver-graphite
  • Silver-wolfram
  • Silver-zinc oxide
  • Silver tin oxide

The listed contacts are used in the production of circuit closers, circuit breakers, relays and other commutation devices operating up to 1000 V AC and 1200 V DC.

The high quality of the products is due to the highly qualified personnel, modern technological equipment and control of the materials, technological processes and ready production.

Moreover ZTV aims expanding the nomenclature of products, acquiring new materials without carcinogens and new contacts with functional structure and compositions.

New materials and constructions are produced on particular assignment.


The high quality of our products is maintained based control materials, technological processes and finished products. For this helps modern equipment, highly qualified personnel, and successfully implemented a quality system EN ISO 9001-2008. All products are manufactured in the factory are tested in Laboratory-Control.

The laboratory performs tests according to the provisions of the standards documentation of the following articles:

  1. Brushes for electrical equipment: copper-graphite, carbon-graphite, electro-graphite, silver – graphite and solid carbon material.
  2. Contact elements silver -metal oxide based for Low-voltage equipment.

The laboratory is equipped with the following:

  • Electrical specific resistance measurement stand
  • Stand for the commutating characteristics of brushes for electric truck engines
  • Testing stand of brushes for electrical hand tools
  • Testing stand of brushes for starter engines of cars
  • Testing stand of brushes used in car generators
  • Hardness measuring device – TRC-2M
  • Hardness measuring device – TP
  • Dynamometers – for determining strength of pulling out of the current-carrying wire from the corps of the brush
  • Assay balance
  • Microscope BMI-1C – for determining the linear and angular size
  • Metallographic microscope
  • Compression springs stand MIP-10-1

The Measurement laboratory is equipped with all needed instruments for complete and accurate testing of all articles being produced in the works. All tests are performed in full compliance with the requirements of the construction, technology and standard documentation.