Technical Carbon Plant


Composite products of natural or synthetic graphite, metals, coke, etc.


Technical Carbon Plant

Established in 1969, today Technical Carbon Plant is the largest producer in Bulgaria of contact elements and junctions for electric machinery and apparatuses:

I. Brushes for electric motors.
II. Silver-based contact bodies for LV devices.

As a successor of the above-mentioned plant ZTV ltd. manufactures the types of products, which find application in electric rotating direct alternating current machines, electric lorries’ engines, automobile starters and generators, manual instruments, electric home appliances, etc.


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The success of ZTV ltd. is directly related to the identification and satisfaction of the specific requirements of each individual customer.
When we add the good financial conditions and the reliability of deliveries, we get the profitable formula of confidence amongst our clients.

The clients of  ZTV ltd. are a mirror of our Activities

More than 1000 companies of different extent, structure and business activities work jointly with ZTV ltd..

 Among the bigger clients of  ZTV ltd. are companies in the areas of Transports, Technique and Energetics.